The Biggest List Of Things To Pack For A Cruise

For most of us, packing for a cruise is something which happens once every couple of years. So unless you are a cruise line team member you are probably going to struggle to figure out what to pack. Of course, this comes as no surprise — a vacation in the middle of the sea coupled with several sporadic stops at different destinations will obviously be hard to pack for. Cruising isn't the most usual method of travelling, hence has a different set of rules for packing.

Packing for a cruise is a bit more complicated than throwing an arbitrary pile of clothes and a couple of accessories into a suitcase. You will have to take quite a few things into consideration like climate variations between the home ports and ports of call, the cruise line's dress codes, expenses for extra luggage (when flying to the home port) etc.

It seems like a lot of work to pack for a cruise already, doesn't it? Do not despair though; we're here to help you pack. With our list of essentials to bring on a cruise, you'll be more prepared than the captain when you are done packing. Here are the essential things to pack when going on a cruise:

Proper clothes and accessories for your cruise

Shoes. Although you'll spend most of the time basking in the sun and island hopping, you should not restrict your footwear. Many times, cruises will include excursions that require a lot of walking or activities like zip lining and rock climbing. There might be events that require you to dress somewhat more formal too. Throw in some shoes and some dress shoes on your luggage as you will most probably need them.

Watch. If you don't plan on carrying your mobile phone, remember to bring a watch with you for time keeping.

Lanyard necklace. Your cruise liner will issue you a cruise boat ID that will function as your room key and security pass when disembarking and boarding at several stops. It is cheaper to carry your own lanyard to your boat ID than to buy one on board.

Formal outfits. The vast majority of cruises will include a couple of formal dinners, make certain that you package a tuxedo or a dark suit, or an evening dress.

Sweaters and jackets. Regardless of what the weatherman says, make sure to pack a jacket or sweater just in case the weather forecasts were incorrect — which they often are.

Hats. Make certain to carry a hat to protect yourself from the sun if you are going to be visiting a sunny destination or one to keep you warm when you stop at chilly vents.

Sunglasses. How frustrating it would be squinting all day in the hot sun. It's one of the most important items to carry for eye protection from sunlight and you'll look like you're on holidays too!

Electronics to pack for your cruise

iPad / Tablet / Device. Most cruises nowadays have WiFi available. Electronics can be taken onboard a cruise ship and are great for entertainment for kids, for catching up online, on the news or for online entertainment and reading. Always ensure they are labelled and stored securely on your cabin.

Alarm clock. If you don't carry your mobile phone, be sure to carry an alarm clock as many cruise cabins do not have them.

Power strip/board. If you want more than two power outlets for your gadgets, be sure that you bring a power strip with you. (Please be aware that some liners may not allow you to carry power strips, so make sure you confirm with yours before carrying one.)

Surge Protector. Surge protectors offer some level of protection from power spikes and provide more outages for your entire electricals on board.

USB Charger. A USB charger will guarantee your cellular phone and cameras are always charged and available for all your photo taking opportunities.

Digital books and movies. If you'll be carrying your E-reader or tabletcomputer, be sure that you download any media you need before you board the ship as data charges are usually steep at sea.

Thumb drive. Scan and store digital copies of important documents such as your passport on a thumb drive as back up.

Walkie talkies. Cell phones will either incur large roaming fees or not have coverage while you're on a cruise. Walkie talkies offer a fantastic alternative especially for people travelling in a group.

Chargers and batteries. Make sure to carry extra batteries and all the different chargers you need for the different devices you've packed. Otherwise, they'll not be of much use to you once they run out of charge.

Flashlight. You might need a flashlight so as not to disturb your other guests in the cabin at night or even in a crisis if the need arises.

Travel Speaker. For your entertainment and enjoyment a travel speaker is great to play music while relaxing in your cottage.

Important paperwork to carry on your cruise

Identification documents. Ask your cruise line about the paperwork and documents you'll need for your trip. A passport, as an instance, might be required if you'll be making a stop in a foreign country.

Passports. You will need this for checking in and out of international ports. Without a passport you can't access the ports you visit.

Travel insurance. Make sure to purchase travel insurance for your trip to protect yourself from issues such as baggage loss, port changes or mechanical breakdowns.

Credit Cards. These are a terrific requirement for financial security and basic expenditure without the worry of carrying cash and loose change.

Medical Insurance Cards. Always Important to take for any medical emergency that may occur and personal identification.

Thank You Card. This is always a fantastic idea to carry to thank the hardworking staff who serve you day and night.

Medical and health items to take on a cruise

Medication. Make certain to carry any medicine that you're currently taking or that you think you might need like aspirin. A few first aid items such as bandages might be convenient. Even though some of these items might be available on board, they cost much more than they would in your local pharmacy.

Sea sickness remedies. Bring something to help with sea sickness, even if you haven't experienced it — you never know when you might need it.

Antibacterial wipes or gel. These can help you keep proper hygiene while on the move.

Mosquito repellent. A mosquito repellent gadget or insect spray will come in handy if your ship makes a stop in a place where there're mosquitoes — normally anywhere tropical.

Ear plugs. Sometimes your cabin may be found near a busy walkway, the ships engine room or nightclub — all of which are pretty noisy. Bring some ear plugs to make certain you're not kept up at night by all of the ruckus outside.

Sunscreen. As you will almost certainly be spending plenty of time in sunlight, be sure that you bring some sunscreen to keep your skin protected.

Shaving stuff. You don't want to look dishevelled on a cruise, always ensure you shopping websites have a shaver for hygiene purposes both for women and men.

Other essential items to carry

Luggage scale. Do not be caught out paying for excess luggage. A compact luggage scale is very good for travelling with to understand how